How to Get Key Fragments in ARAM Game Mode?

ARAM Key Fragments

What if we told you there's more to gain than just the glory of victory in ARAM game mode? Yes, we're talking about key fragments, an essential part of the Hextech Crafting system. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to get key fragments in the ARAM game mode and optimize your gaming experience.

Key fragments are awarded post-game, through the League of Legends honor system, which recognizes players' positive behavior. This system intertwines with the diverse aspects of the game, including the exciting ARAM mode. To maximize your chances of earning these elusive fragments, you must understand how ARAM can help you increase your honor level, and subsequently, the number of key fragments you can earn.

In the following sections of this article, we will delve deeper into how many key fragments you can earn in ARAM, alongside providing insight into efficient farming strategies. We'll also discuss what other rewards you can reap from this game mode. We'll detail the specific mechanics in ARAM that can assist you in securing more key fragments and how ARAM missions can potentially supplement your key fragment income.

But the key fragment quest doesn't stop at ARAM; the opportunity extends to other game modes such as Normal and Ranked games, each with its unique aspects impacting key fragment collection. We will compare the potential of these game modes in terms of key fragment farming, helping you decide where your time is best invested.

If you're ready to crack open the capsule of knowledge, let's dive into the world of ARAM, key fragments, and all the exciting intricacies of the League of Legends universe.

How Many Key Fragments Can You Earn with ARAM?

Key fragments in League of Legends are earned through the honor system, not by the game mode, so whether you play ARAM, Normal, or Ranked games, the maximum earning potential remains consistent. You can earn up to 12 key fragments in a 4-week period, irrespective of the game mode.

However, keep in mind that the frequency of earning key fragments increases with your honor level. Higher honor levels receive these rewards more regularly. So, while the ARAM mode itself doesn't directly influence the quantity, being an honorable player in ARAM can certainly boost your key fragment earnings.

Remember, consistent positive behavior and teamwork are key to improving your honor level, and consequently, the number of key fragments you receive.

How Do You Properly Farm Key Fragments in ARAM?

Farming key fragments efficiently in ARAM comes down to a few core strategies that work within the League of Legends honor system.

  • Exhibit Positive Behavior: Maintain a sportsmanlike conduct, avoid toxic behavior, and remember to honor deserving teammates post-match. This improves your honor level, increasing your chances of earning key fragments.
  • Play Regularly: Key fragments are distributed at random to players who are active. Consistency in playing ARAM or any game mode on LoL can increase your chances of getting key fragments.
  • Leverage Friends: When you play with friends and they honor you, the likelihood of earning key fragments increases.
  • Complete ARAM Missions: Some missions or events that occur during certain patches of the game might offer key fragments as rewards. Keep an eye on the mission tab and the LoL wiki for updates.

Remember, farming key fragments isn't about winning every game but embodying the true spirit of a League of Legends player—sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect.

What You Can Get from ARAM Game Mode?

The ARAM game mode in League of Legends isn't just about the exhilaration of 5v5 battles; it also comes with an array of rewards that contribute to your overall progression in the game. Apart from the thrill of the match, you stand to gain Experience Points (XP), Blue Essence, and, of course, Key Fragments.

Experience Points are crucial for leveling up your account, unlocking additional features in the game, and earning level-up rewards. Blue Essence, the primary in-game currency, can be utilized in the LoL store to purchase champions, champion shards, and even specific Hextech crafting items.

Key Fragments, tied to the Honor system, are essential for unlocking Hextech Chests that you acquire by showcasing extraordinary performance in matches. These chests can contain champion and skin shards, ward skins, emotes, and even the coveted Hextech exclusive skins.

Riot Games often introduces specific ARAM missions during events or new patch releases, offering players more chances to win various rewards like icons, emotes, XP boosts, and sometimes, Hextech crafting components such as key fragments and chests.

So ARAM serves as a fun yet rewarding League of Legends game mode, offering you numerous ways to enhance your LoL experience and expand your Hextech inventory (and if you win it also raises your ARAM MMR!).

Are There Useful Mechanics in ARAM for Getting Key Fragments?

There are several beneficial mechanics in ARAM that can increase your chances of earning key fragments in League of Legends. Firstly, the faster-paced nature of ARAM compared to other game modes means you can complete more games in a shorter time frame, giving you more opportunities for key fragment drops.

However, the central mechanic that influences key fragment collection in ARAM is the Honor system. At the end of each ARAM game, players have the option to honor one of their teammates. These honors contribute to increasing your Honor level over time, and a higher Honor level directly correlates with an increased likelihood of receiving key fragments.

Also, the teamwork-centric nature of ARAM, characterized by its single-lane structure, encourages cooperation amongst players. This cooperative environment often leads to a higher rate of honors received post-game, which again can boost your Honor level and hence, key fragment earnings.

It's essential to be mindful of your behavior in the game, as penalties such as chat restrictions or bans can lead to loss of Honor levels, subsequently impacting your potential to earn key fragments. It's not just about playing the game; it's about playing it right!

So, while ARAM doesn't have unique mechanics specifically designed for key fragment collection, its fast-paced, cooperative nature and interaction with the Honor system make it a fertile ground for accumulating key fragments. Remember to check out the League of Legends Wiki or patch notes for any changes in these mechanics.

Should You Play ARAM for Key Fragments?

Yes, playing ARAM for key fragments is a worthwhile endeavor. As a faster-paced game mode, ARAM allows you to play more matches in the same amount of time compared to traditional Summoner's Rift games, potentially accelerating your key fragment acquisition. It's also a fun way to enjoy League of Legends, fostering teamwork and cooperation, thereby improving your honor level and increasing your chances of earning key fragments post-match.

Should You Play Normal Games for Key Fragments?

Yes, Normal games in League of Legends do offer opportunities to earn key fragments, but a Normal game is way longer than ARAM games. The crux of obtaining key fragments lies in the Honor System. After each match, players can honor one another for positive in-game behaviors, leading to honor level increase. A higher honor level enhances the probability of earning key fragments post-game, irrespective of the game mode.

In Normal games, there's greater freedom to strategize and collaborate, creating an environment ripe for honoring. As said, normal games typically last longer than ARAM matches, offering more opportunities for positive interactions that might yield honor votes. However, the actual drop rate of key fragments doesn't differ significantly between ARAM and Normal games - it's more related to your honor level and the frequency of your games.

Should You Play Ranked Games for Key Fragments?

No, it is arguably not the most efficient route. Ranked games in League of Legends are typically more difficult than ARAM or Normal games, requiring advanced game knowledge, superior strategy, and a significant time investment.

The higher level of intensity in Ranked games often fosters a competitive environment where players prioritize their performance over promoting a positive gaming culture. This may lead to a lower frequency of honors awarded at the end of matches, thereby reducing your potential to earn key fragments through the honor system.

So, for the purpose of key fragment farming, it may be more advantageous to focus your efforts on ARAM or Normal games. These modes typically provide a more relaxed environment conducive to teamwork, resulting in more frequent honor exchanges and, subsequently, a higher probability of earning key fragments.

Can ARAM Missions Get You Key Fragments?

Yes, ARAM missions can contribute to your stockpile of key fragments. League of Legends periodically introduces special events and missions, some of which specifically target the ARAM game mode.

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