How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends

Level up in LoL

In the competitive realm of League of Legends, every player is keen to ascend through the levels swiftly, acquiring the prowess and benefits that come with higher levels.

Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran aiming to create a new account, this comprehensive guide is designed to propel you through the levels with speed and efficiency.

As you journey with us through this article, we will unveil the proven tactics to gain experience easily and quickly, the fastest route to reach level 30, an analysis of the experience yield per game, and insights on considering the purchase of LoL smurfs.

Steer your gaming trajectory upwards with these expert strategies, and get ready to dominate the League of Legends battlefield.

How to gain experience easily and quickly in League of Legends

Gaining experience in League of Legends doesn't have to be a grueling process. By leveraging the right strategies, you can accelerate your leveling speed substantially. Here are some potent methods to consider:

  1. Play Daily: Engage in daily matches to take advantage of first win of the day XP bonuses.
  2. Boost Your Game: Invest in experience boosts available in the game's store to double your XP gains (You can also obtain a boost with Twitch Prime).
  3. Co-operative Play: Join forces with friends in co-op vs AI games to earn consistent XP.
  4. Objective Focus: Focus on completing in-game objectives, which yield high XP upon completion.
  5. Learning Curve: Continuously improve your gameplay strategies to win more games, consequently earning more XP.

Implement these strategies, and you'll find yourself advancing through the League of Legends levels with remarkable speed and efficiency.

How to reach LoL level 30 in the shortest time

Reaching level 30 is a significant milestone in League of Legends, granting you access to ranked games. To get there in the swiftest manner, follow these strategies:

  1. ARAM Games: Frequently participate in ARAM (All Random All Mid) games, which are not only fun but also offer considerable experience points, helping you level up swiftly.
  2. Use XP Boosts: Purchase and utilize XP boosts from the store to amplify the experience earned per game.
  3. Consistent Play: Engage in daily matches to accumulate steady experience points over time.
  4. Objective Mastery: Focus on mastering and achieving game objectives, which award high XP.
  5. Team Coordination: Collaborate effectively with your team to secure victories and earn bonus XP.

By integrating ARAM games and other strategies into your gameplay, reaching level 30 in LoL will be a breeze.

How much experience do you gain in a LoL game?

The amount of experience you gain in a League of Legends game varies based on several factors including the game mode, the outcome, and the length of the match.

On average, Summoner's Rift games yield higher XP compared to ARAM or Twisted Treeline. It is essential to note that winning a game grants a substantial XP bonus.

To maximize your XP gain, focus on enhancing your skills to secure victories and consider utilizing XP boosts available in the Riot store. Stay tuned to the latest game updates and community forums to leverage the most fruitful strategies for exponential XP accumulation.

Should you buy LoL smurfs?

Buying LoL smurfs can indeed be a tempting shortcut to bypass the grind of leveling up a fresh account. It allows you instant access to ranked games and comes with an array of champions and skins.

However, it carries risks such as potential account bans, as it violates the terms of service of League of Legends.

Moreover, it can impair the game's integrity by creating mismatched player skill levels in ranked games.

Before considering purchasing a smurf account, weigh the potential benefits against the inherent risks and ethical considerations.

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