How to Make League of Legends Full Screen

How to Make League of Legends Full Screen

To make League of Legends full screen, click the Escape key, go to the video mode settings, and select the full screen option.


  • Switching to full-screen mode in League of Legends enhances visual details and focus.
  • Borderless mode is ideal for multitasking and streaming, offering seamless screen transitions.
  • Full-screen mode may cause lag on low-end PCs. Windowed mode can improve stability.
  • Windowed mode is beneficial for streamers, allowing easy access to chats and tools.
  • A multi-monitor setup enhances strategy and immersion in League of Legends. However, it requires a powerful PC.

Borderless vs. Full-Screen

In League of Legends, switching to full-screen offers a more immersive gaming experience. It improves visual details and focus.

Borderless mode facilitates multitasking. Full-screen mode enhances framerates and minimizes lag, which is essential for competitive gaming.

Borderless mode suits gamers who multitask or stream. It offers seamless screen transitions without game interruption. Select it based on your play style and multitasking requirements.

Some players prefer playing League of Legends in borderless windowed mode as it allows for faster alt-tabbing and reduces the risk of crashes.

Full-Screen Performance on Low-End PCs

Fullscreen mode in League of Legends enhances visuals. Yet, it may cause lag on underpowered PCs.

Windowed mode can offer stability over immersion and may fix performance issues. Adjust resolution or graphics settings to optimize performance for your system.

Streaming in Windowed Mode

Windowed mode enhances streamers' viewer engagement and stream control in League of Legends.

Windowed mode helps streamers. It allows easy access to chats and tools while playing. This enhances audience interaction without disrupting the game.

Multi-Monitor Setup

A multi-monitor setup improves strategy in League of Legends with a wider view. It has dedicated screens for gameplay, streams, and chats.

A multi-monitor setup enhances immersion and functionality for League of Legends players. Yet, it requires a powerful PC and may cause less seamless navigation during intense gameplay.

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