How to Unlock Champions in LoL - The Smart Way

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Welcome, Summoners! So, you're ready to expand your champion pool and climb the ranks in the League of Legends universe?

You're in the right place.

Unlocking champions the smart way is about more than just accumulating Blue Essence or splurging on Riot Points; it's about making informed, strategic decisions that pay off in the long run.

From understanding the Blue Essence economy to making the most of Hextech Crafting, sales, and free rotations, this guide will turn you into a savvy shopper in no time.

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, these tips and tricks are tried and true, honed through hours of gameplay and trusted by experts.

Read on to discover how you can unlock champions efficiently, maximize your in-game resources, and ultimately make your LoL experience richer and more fulfilling.

Trust me, by the end of this guide, you'll be fully equipped to expand your champion lineup like a pro.

Blue Essence Basics

If you're diving into the rich universe of League of Legends, one thing you'll quickly realize is the need for more champions.

Let's cut right to the chase. You don't want to waste your hard-earned Blue Essence on champs that don't align with your gameplay style. Trust me, as a seasoned player, I've been there, done that.

So, how do you get more BE? You'll accumulate this respected currency mainly by playing matches, completing daily missions, and leveling up.

Once you've got enough BE, head to the in-game store. But wait, don't just splurge. Be smart about it. Think about your playstyle, roles, and team dynamics before making a purchase.

Now, the most useful tip I can give you is to focus initially on champion shards. These are basically discounted champions waiting to be activated with BE.

If you're lucky, you'll find a shard for a champ you've been eyeing. Activate it and save a chunk of your BE for other investments.

There you go. Now you're not just a player, but a savvy BE spender.

Maximize Blue Essence Gains Through Daily Missions

Ah, daily missions—the bread and butter of Blue Essence gains. Here's a pro tip: Don't skip 'em. Seriously, even if you're short on time, try to knock out at least the simplest ones.

Completing these missions is like having a trusted piggy bank that constantly refills itself. Over time, you'll find that these small gains accumulate into a respectable stash of BE.

This strategy alone can be a game-changer in helping you unlock your desired champions without breaking the virtual bank. It's a smart move that even experts swear by.

Converting Champion Shards to Blue Essence

Alright, listen up. You've got champion shards sitting in your inventory—now what? If the shard isn't for a champ you're keen on playing, convert it into Blue Essence.

It's like recycling, but in LoL. Go to your inventory, click on the shard, and hit 'Disenchant.' Voila, you've just turned something meh into something useful—more BE for your next champ purchase.

This is one of those respected expert moves that not only boosts your BE but clears your inventory clutter. Don't sleep on this method; it's gold.

Hextech Crafting

Let's talk Hextech Crafting, a feature you shouldn't overlook when trying to unlock new champs. Why? Because it's essentially free stuff! You earn Hextech Chests by performing well in matches, and these chests often contain champion shards.

To open them, you'll need keys, which you can also earn in-game or purchase.

The smart move?

Always keep a small stockpile of keys for when you acquire chests. Opening these can give you champion shards, which you can either activate or convert into Blue Essence.

It's like a mini-lottery, and trust me, hitting that jackpot feels good. This route may be a bit more random, but it's a respected and effective way to expand your roster.

Tips to Collect Hextech Chests and Keys

Want to amp up your Hextech Crafting game? First off, aim for an 'S' rank in your matches; it's the golden ticket to earning a Hextech Chest.

Remember, you can also snag chests through teammates' high performance. For keys, stay active and win games—the drop rates favor the victorious.

Joining a premade group can also boost your key fragment drop rate. This isn't just advice; it's a trusted strategy used by experts. So, start collecting those chests and keys; they're your gateway to more champions and a richer LoL experience.

When to Save or Use Hextech Chests

Okay, so you've racked up some Hextech Chests. The question is, when should you crack them open?

If you're new or have a limited champ roster, open them immediately to expand your options. But if you're an experienced player aiming for specific skins or champs, consider saving them for seasonal events when special loot gets added to the mix.

Trust me, this simple strategy can yield surprising dividends. Choose wisely and you'll make the most of each and every chest you open.

Using Riot Points Wisely

Splurging on Riot Points is tempting, but let's be smart about it. RP is the premium currency in League of Legends, and while it can quickly unlock champs, it's not something you want to spend recklessly.

First rule of thumb: Never use RP to buy something you can get with Blue Essence. It's like using gold to buy bread—just not worth it.

However, if you want an exclusive skin or to snag a new champion bundle the moment it drops, that's where RP shines.

You'll often find bundles that include a champion and a bunch of extras, like skins or emotes, at a discounted rate.

Make this your go-to strategy for using RP, and you'll get maximum bang for your buck. Trust this advice; even seasoned players abide by these guidelines.

The Pros and Cons of Using Riot Points

So you're considering using Riot Points (RP) for your next champion unlock? Hold on, let's weigh the pros and cons.

On the upside, RP is fast and convenient. If you're itching to grab that new, flashy champion without the grind, RP is your express ticket.

But let's not ignore the downsides. First, RP costs real money. Second, using RP for something you could get with Blue Essence isn't cost-effective.

Trust the expert advice: Save your RP for exclusive content or high-value bundles to get the most bang for your buck.

Remember, the smartest LoL players are not just skilled in-game but also savvy with their resources.

Free Rotation and Sales

Don't overlook the gems that are free rotations and sales. Every week, a new set of champions becomes available for you to play for free. Use this as a testing ground.

Before you shell out any Blue Essence or Riot Points, give these champs a whirl. If one clicks with your playstyle, you've found your next investment.

Now, let's talk sales. Occasionally, champions go on sale for a discounted BE or RP price. That's the ideal moment to swoop in.

But—and this is crucial—only buy if you've tried and liked the champ during a free rotation.

Trust me, this combo of free rotation plus sale is a respected strategy for smart and economical unlocks. Keep an eye out and seize the opportunity.

Timing Purchases with Champion Sales

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to champion sales. These limited-time events are golden opportunities to snag champs you've had your eye on for a fraction of the usual cost.

Here's the game plan: keep a wishlist of champions you've enjoyed during free rotations. Then, when you see them pop up in a sale, that's your cue to pounce.

Being patient can pay off in spades, saving you valuable Blue Essence or Riot Points.

Trust this strategy; it's an expert move that both novices and veterans can benefit from. Be alert, be smart, and make those champion sales work to your advantage.

Your First Champions

Choosing your first champions is like picking your first set of golf clubs: you want something versatile, forgiving, and suitable for learning the ropes.

In League of Legends, champions like Garen, Annie, and Ashe often fit the bill. They offer straightforward mechanics while teaching you core gameplay principles.

Here's a golden tip: Don't aim for the flashy, complex champions right out of the gate. Stick to easier-to-play options and get the fundamentals down first.

Once you've got a good grasp, then you can venture into the more intricate champions.

But remember, 'easy to play' doesn't mean 'less effective.' Many pro players still use these champions because they're just that good.

Trust me, selecting the right first champions is your first step towards becoming a respected and skilled summoner.

Starter Champions vs Investing in Higher-tier Champions

Starting with basic champions versus investing in higher-tier ones presents a classic conundrum. On one hand, starter champs like Garen or Ashe help you learn the game mechanics without overwhelming you. They're like the trusty bicycles you ride before hopping onto a motorcycle.

On the flip side, higher-tier champions are tempting because of their advanced skill sets and in-game impact.

But here's the catch: they often require expert handling. Jumping into the deep end without the proper skills will only frustrate you and your team.

Trust this balanced approach: start simple and build your repertoire as you gain experience. This way, you become a versatile player, capable of adapting to various team needs and game situations.

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