How to Use XP Boost in League of Legends

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In League of Legends, leveling up efficiently is crucial for unlocking new champions and abilities.

This article explains how to use XP boosts effectively. Many players overlook this tool, but it can speed up your progression.

Learn how to choose and use boosts effectively based on your playing style for maximum impact.

XP boosts, regardless of your experience level, can significantly improve your League of Legends gameplay.

Types and Benefits of XP Boosts

Experience Points (XP) boosts in League of Legends accelerate a player's progression, offering a significant advantage.

Two primary types exist: duration boosts, active for a set time, and win boosts, which apply per victory.

The former, ideal for extended play sessions, amplifies XP gains regardless of match outcomes.

Win boosts are more cost-efficient for sporadic gameplay. They also enhance XP on wins, making each victory more rewarding.

Both types help players progress faster, unlocking new champions and runes, giving an advantage in League of Legends.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing XP Boosts

Purchasing XP boosts in League of Legends is straightforward. Here's a guide:

  1. Open the Game Client: Start League of Legends and sign in.
  2. Access the Store: Click on the 'Store' icon, typically found in the top right corner.
  3. Navigate to Boosts: Select the 'Boosts' tab within the Store.
  4. Choose Your Boost: Decide between a 'Duration' or 'Per Win' boost.
  5. Select Duration: For duration boosts, choose how long it should last.
  6. Complete the Purchase: Use Riot Points (RP) to buy the desired boost.
  7. Confirmation: Ensure the boost is active in your account overview.

How to Use Your XP Boosts

Activating XP boosts in League of Legends requires strategic timing for maximum benefit.

To make the most of duration boosts, activate them when you play games a lot, like on weekends or holidays.

On the other hand, per-win boosts are ideal for players with less frequent play schedules, as they only deplete upon securing a victory.

Always activate these boosts right before a gaming session to ensure no wasted potential.

When you activate the boost at the right time, it helps you level up and improve your League of Legends experience.

Strategic Use of XP Boosts in Gameplay

To maximize the effects of an XP boost in League of Legends, focus on gameplay strategies that increase match efficiency.

Prioritize playing game modes with higher XP returns, like Summoner's Rift, to capitalize on the boost. Engage in matches where victory is more probable, as wins yield more XP.

Balancing aggressive play to secure early wins with cautious strategies to avoid quick losses is key. Participating in longer matches also helps, as XP gains are partially time-dependent.

When using this method, each session with an XP boost helps level up more. This makes the boost more effective.

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