Riot Games Announces Major Changes to 'League of Legends' Ranked Season

Mid-Year Rank Reset, Introduction of 'Emerald' Rank, and Removal of Promotion Series Headline Changes

Changes So Far in 2023

Riot Games, the developer of the popular online multiplayer game 'League of Legends', has shared key updates on the game's Ranked Season for 2023. Riot Auberaun, Product Lead for the Game Loop team, highlighted several changes aimed at enhancing the gaming experience.

Promotion series have been shortened from the best of 5 games to the best of 3. Additionally, the visible rank influence in matchmaking has been removed, a move that increased smurfs in regular games but was deemed necessary for improving the returning player experience.

Riot Auberaun also announced that the Victorious Skin for Season 2023 - Split 1 will be Victorious Anivia, a piece of news eagerly awaited by players.

Addressing Player Experience and Rank Inflation

Riot Games has taken steps to make rank movements more eventful. However, these changes led to an increase in LP variance and potentially frustrating experiences for players. Riot aims to address these issues while also preventing rank inflation and maintaining ladder integrity.

Major Shifts and New Additions

Riot Revenancer, Systems Lead for the Motivations initiative, outlined a shift in the game's ranking philosophy. The company will be resetting ranks mid-season for the first time, aiming to resolve the bottom-heavy distribution of rankings by centering the rank distribution around Gold. To prevent rank inflation, a new rank, Emerald, has been introduced, which will sit between Diamond and Platinum.

Upcoming Adjustments and Improvements

Revenancer also provided insights into future changes. The game is set to undergo a partial reset, with an initial reset smaller than usual. This would effectively allow players to start at a higher rank than in previous resets.

Other significant changes include reducing placement games from 10 to 5 and removing the promotion series. The reduction in placement games aims to determine starting ranks more quickly, saving players time before they start laddering up. The removal of promotion series is expected to alleviate the stress and frustration of players stalling their climb and having to repeatedly go through the promotion series.

What is the main change to the 'League of Legends' ranking system?

The key change is the introduction of a mid-season rank reset. This is the first time Riot Games has implemented such a shift, and it is designed to center rank distribution around Gold.

What other significant changes are being implemented?

Riot Games is introducing a new rank called 'Emerald' to prevent rank inflation. It will be positioned between Diamond and Platinum. The promotion series has also been removed, and the number of placement games has been reduced from 10 to 5.

How will these changes affect the player experience?

The changes are aimed at smoothing players' ability to move through ranks, eliminating the stress of promotion series, and saving players time when determining starting ranks.

Riot Games continues to strive for a balanced and engaging environment for its global player base. Players can look forward to further updates on these changes and their impact on gameplay in the coming months.

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