How Does League of Legends Placement Work?

League of Legends placement

In League of Legends, the placement phase is a vital part of the competitive ranked journey, helping in determining your initial position in the ranked ladder. This phase consists of a series of 5 matches that assess your skill level, following which you are placed in an appropriate tier and division.

The system calculates your placement based on various factors including your performance in these matches, your previous season's rank (if any), and your Match Making Rating (MMR).

Ensuring a top-notch strategy and gameplay during this stage can offer you a head-start in the competitive scene of LoL, facilitating a more enjoyable and challenging gaming experience.

Remember, every new season offers a fresh start, making it an opportune time to improve your standings in the League of Legends community.

What is LP and how it works?

LP, or League Points, function as a barometer for a player's success and progression in the League of Legends ranked ladder. You earn LP through winning ranked games, and conversely, lose LP when defeated. The accumulation of LP facilitates your ascent through various ranks, from Iron to Challenger.

It's essential to understand that the LP gains and losses are influenced by your MMR (Matchmaking Rating), a hidden score that indicates your skill level in the game.

Keep a close eye on your LP status, as it serves as a pivotal gauge of your competitive standing and advancement prospects in the League of Legends sphere.

How League of Legends ranked system work in 2023

In 2023, the League of Legends ranked system maintains its foundational structure, with a transformative adjustment that enhances the progression experience.

Players will notice the elimination of promotion series (promos), facilitating a smoother transition between tiers and divisions. For instance, advancing from Silver 1 to Gold 4 is now more streamlined, occurring automatically once you secure a victory in a Silver 1 standing.

This refinement aims to foster a more gratifying and less strenuous ranked journey, allowing players to focus on enhancing their gameplay and climbing the ranked ladder with increased momentum and fewer barriers.

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